Individually Designed Bookkeeping and Accounting Solutions

We offer custom-tailored bookkeeping and accounting solutions to meet your unique financial needs:


  • Financial Accounts: Robust management of your financial records.
  • Annual Financial Statements: Comprehensive annual reports in compliance with regulatory standards.
  • VAT Accounting: Expert handling of Value Added Tax calculations and submissions.
  • Accounts Payable: Streamlined management of your payable accounts.
  • Accounts Receivable: Effective control of incoming payments.
  • Fixed Asset Accounting: Detailed tracking and valuation of fixed assets.
  • Payroll Accounting: Accurate and timely payroll management services.

Financial Reporting

  • Customized Reporting: Monthly or quarterly management reports tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Angolan GAAP & IFRS Compliance: Assistance in preparing annual financial statements as per Angolan GAAP, or reconciling them to international standards such as IFRS.
  • Group Financial Statements: Expert support in the preparation and consolidation of group financial statements.
  • Group Reporting: Comprehensive assistance in preparing and organizing group reports

Payroll & Human Resources Administration Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of payroll and HR administration services, managing your payroll accounting and salary administration while also providing expert advisory support.

Our Payroll & Human Resources Administration Services Include:

  • Monthly Payroll Processing: Efficient management of your monthly payroll cycle.
  • Tax and Social Security Consultation: Expert advice on tax obligations and social security matters.
  • Human Resources Administration: Comprehensive HR management services including personnel records, compliance, and benefits administration.

Invoicing Services

We manage your invoicing activities, ensuring full compliance with relevant legislation to streamline your monthly tax reporting process.

Our Invoicing Services Include:

  • Invoice Processing: Adherence to the stipulations outlined in Presidential Decree n.° 292/18 concerning the Legal Regime of Invoices and Equivalent Documents.
  • Tax and VAT Reporting: Comprehensive tax and VAT reporting services, inclusive of SAF-T file submissions.

Tax Reporting & Planning Services

We provide comprehensive tax and social security reporting services on a monthly basis, along with annual tax planning. Our services aim to optimize your tax obligations while ensuring compliance.

Our Tax Reporting & Planning Services Include:

  • Monthly and Annual Tax Filings: Preparation and submission of monthly tax returns and annual tax declarations.
  • VAT Management: Comprehensive VAT reporting and consultancy.
  • Income/Profit Tax: Expert handling of industrial tax obligations.
  • Payroll Tax: Accurate and timely payroll tax reporting.
  • Social Security: Complete social security reporting and compliance.
  • Capital Tax: Specialized capital tax planning and reporting.
  • Property Tax: Property tax assessment and reporting.
  • Withholding Tax: Tax at source or withholding tax management.
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax: Efficient handling of inheritance and gift tax obligations.
  • Stamp Tax: Compliance and reporting for stamp tax duties.