Corporate Services

We offer comprehensive support across all stages of your company's life cycle, through our suite of modular services.

Our Corporate Services Include:

  • Company Formation and Transformation: Establishment and registration of new companies, as well as organizational transformations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complete handling of tax, social security, and other essential registrations.
  • Foreign Private Investor Registration: Registration at AIPEX (Angolan Private Investment Agency) for foreign investors.
  • Investment Certifications: Procurement of the Private Investor Registration Certificate and Capital Exportation License as per the Private Investment Law.
  • Tax and Customs Negotiation: Expert negotiation of tax and customs benefits with relevant authorities.
  • Operations Permit: Assistance in obtaining necessary operations permit(s).
  • Bank Account Setup: Support in setting up company bank account(s).
  • Board Member Identification: Sourcing suitable candidates for your company's board.
  • Permits and Visas: Assistance in applying for work and residence permits.

Custom Services

We provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, ranging from individual family requirements to complex business decision-making.

Our Custom Services Include:

  • Family Solutions: Specialized support to cater to the varied needs of families.
  • Business Decision Support: Expert guidance to facilitate sound business decisions.
  • Strategic Planning: Comprehensive planning services to align with your long-term goals.
  • Advisory & Analysis: In-depth advice and analytical services to optimize outcomes.
  • Succession Planning: Strategic planning for seamless transitions in leadership and asset ownership.
  • Valuations: Accurate and reliable valuation services for assets and businesses.
  • Property Management: End-to-end management of real estate properties.
  • Liquidation: Specialized support for the structured winding down of operations or asset sales.

Training & Development

We offer structured training programs as well as one-off sessions, specializing in the following domains:

Our Training & Development Areas Include:

  • Corporate Finance: In-depth training modules on financial structuring, risk analysis, and capital allocation.
  • Accounting: Comprehensive courses covering general accounting principles, reporting standards, and software tools.
  • Financial Planning: Modules focused on strategic planning, budgeting, and financial projections.
  • Taxes: Tax-related training including filing, regulations, and optimization strategies.
  • Financial and Internal Audit: Specialized courses on audit preparation, procedures, and compliance.
  • Corporate Governance: Training sessions on board responsibilities, ethical conduct, and governance frameworks.
  • Internal Controls: Courses on implementing and maintaining effective internal control mechanisms.
  • Risk Management: Modules dedicated to risk identification, assessment, and mitigation strategies.