Financial Audit

Our Financial Audit services are meticulously conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) to ensure the highest level of assurance and accuracy.

Our Financial Audit Services Include:

  • Financial Statements Audit: Comprehensive audit of financial statements, providing an expert opinion, prepared in line with PGC or IFRS standards.
  • Financial Statements Review: A thorough review of financial statements for compliance and accuracy.
  • Prospective Financial Information Examination: Detailed examination of forecasted financial information to gauge viability and potential risks.
  • Pro Forma Financial Information Compilation Report: Compilation and reporting of pro forma financial data to assess the impact of hypothetical events.
  • Agreed-Upon Financial Procedures: Conducting specific financial procedures as mutually agreed upon.
  • Compilation Services: Compilation of financial records into standardized formats.

Internal Audit

We provide outsourced Internal Audit services executed to the highest professional standards, in line with The IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF). Our objective is to augment your business operations by employing a systematic and disciplined approach. This allows us to evaluate and enhance the efficacy of Risk Management, Internal Control, and Corporate Governance processes within your organization.

Our Internal Audit Services Include:

  • Risk Management Evaluation: Assessment of risk mitigation strategies and practices.
  • Internal Control Effectiveness: Examination of your internal control mechanisms to ensure their effectiveness and reliability.
  • Corporate Governance Review: Detailed analysis of governance protocols and practices.